Anyone can backup your business data. We can backup your business.

Don’t let IT problems turn into catastrophes. With DataLife – Disaster Recovery from CloudHost, you will have a cast-iron contingency plan that will keep your enterprise up and running no matter what.
Disk corruption, power failure, malware attack: in the event of an IT incident, how quickly can you access your back-ups, and restore your operating environment to full capacity?
Your entire business infrastructure replicated for restoration on demand. Complete recovery from critical failure, in less than 10 minutes!
We all know the importance of maintaining an up-to-date backup of important data, because no matter how reliable your IT infrastructure is, it’s never immune to failure.
Hardware failure isn’t the only reason you need disaster recovery. In one recent ransomware attack in the US, a hospital found it was cheaper and faster to pay the ransom than try to restore untainted data from its backups – would your organisation fare any better?
DataLife protects you against every eventuality, with carefully constructed contingency planning and multiple layers of fail-safes.

DataLife doesn’t just back-up your data:

It’s an entire redundant infrastructure for your business, with virtual machines that are “pre-restored” from backups for near-instant access when the need arises. But because it’s based in the cloud, it remains highly cost effective: we’ll only charge for these machines when you need to use them.

Easily Manageable

DataLife is easily managed through the CloudHost dashboard and can ensure compliance with regulatory issues as well as employee productivity in the event of a potential disaster.
We’ll work with you to develop a fully documented disaster recovery plan, which will be regularly tested in conjunction with your IT team.
When disaster strikes, everyone will be fully prepared to react as quickly and confidently as possible. With our VDR plans your business could never suffer more than 10 minutes of downtime.

Benefits of DataLife

Our Business Continuity Solutions give you complete peace of mind when it comes to your critical data wherever it resides, and depending on your situation, will fully meet your regulatory requirements.

Protection for your IT environment

We recover local machines, convert physical machines into virtual copies and set up failover systems to stay up and running, at all times.

Protection for your fleet of devices

Protect data on any device that connects to your network, including smart phones and tablets on all leading operating systems and platforms.

Protection for remote offices

Extend data recovery protection to your branch offices and remote locations, fully integrated into your network architecture.

Backup of data from SaaS apps

Meet compliance requirements and backup data from SaaS applications like Salesforce, G-Suite or Office 365 to secure data centers.

Peace of mind with maximum reliability

Customers using our solutions have achieved 100% recovery of all data, regardless of where the data resides.

Compliance and security

All delivered out of encrypted, and physically secure, Data Centres.

Top Features of DataLife

Website Algorithm

Works alongside CloudVault suite

Cloud Server

Hosted in the cloud, reduces cost of redundancy

Global Network

Duplicated across Multiple datacenters as per plans

Cloud Computing

Pre-restored virtual machine snapshots, always ready to deploy in minutes

Cloud Client

Pay-as-you go model


Unique LAN Discovery tool to analyse critical applications

Select the best option to Back Up Your Business.

Managed Backup as a Service

The simplest and most effective way to ensure business continuity. Make sure your backups and disaster recovery planning are up-to-date with our optional addons for Vault services.

Vault Backup Services

The complete backup and disaster recovery solution. CloudHost hosted backup service, Vault. Vault is a cost-effective business continuity solution which can scale to the needs of any size business, large or small.

Vault Disaster Recovery

Your entire business infrastructure replicated for restoration on demand. Don’t let IT problems turn into catastrophes. With Vault Disaster Recovery you will have a cast-iron contingency plan that will keep your enterprise up and running no matter what.

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