PUMP Cloud

PUMP Cloud

Per User, Per Month

Count the number of Users and allow us to configure your CloudScales Solution.
Enjoy complete control on your cloud billing, just bring your ERP license.
Stay cost resilient, start with the number of users you need to begin your cloud journey.

With CloudHost’s PUMP Cloud you can get all the requirements to begin your cloudjourney. Simply bring your existing ERP licsence and we will do the rest to get you started on cloud. You do not pay any additional amount to set up your cloud environment. Make the smart choice by choosing PUMP Cloud, you always have the option of increasing the number of users when you need to.

Top Features of PUMP Cloud

High Availability

We ensure that your cloud environment always has enough memory, processor and harddisk capacity to expand.

Add-ons Compatibility

Have access to hundreds of add-ons and extensions compatible to your OS.

No Functional Limitations

Access via HTML5 client (web browser)and RDP (remote desktop) with full support.

Direct connection to your local MS Office

On PUMP Cloud you can directly stay connected to your MS Office package.

Data Transfer

We ensure that your migration to the Cloud is smooth and without any data loss.

Sharing Data from Cloud

Share your files and data easily from your cloud.

Always Available

Our Cloud guarantees 99.9% uptime to login to your PUMP Cloud.

Regular Backups Included

Your data will be backed up as frequently as you would require it to.

Made in UAE

Our data centre is based in UAE and follows strict data security and compliance measures required by most governing bodies.

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