Seamless application experience in the era of mobility and cloud.

With evolving technologies, organizations need to operate on applications that can work seamlessly across multiple platforms and devices. AppLite is our application delivery platform that ensures your employees always have access to the applications and information as and when required.
Enjoy Legacy Applications across all your devices.
AppLites’s uniqueness addresses the need of moving business applications away from the desktop-bound software (installed on a local server, and accessed by users) to the modern cloud way, where applications work across all types of networks, and locations beyond the confines of the physical workplace.
AppLite has the capability to make any application including customised and legacy applications seamlessly available on any device, and that too on a user-based pricing model. The Platform is completely flexible to any level of infrastructure customization as demanded by the Application or the infrastructure compliance requirements.

Productivity with cloud and mobility.

Work across multiple platforms and devices. Access your applications and data from Anywhere. Seamlessly.


SMB’s can now enjoy enterprise grade technology at fraction of the cost.

Our user based pricing model along with AutoScale gives our customers the freedom to scale their infrastructure as their requirements change.

Business Applications in 30 Secs

Get instant access to your favourite Business Apps from Mac, Android, iOS or Windows.


Top Features of AppLite


Unified Portal Access

All Applications would be published based on user credentials giving the user a unified dashboard for all his applications.

Secured Web Tunnel

AppLite has built-in Https Web Server and SSH Server which enables you to connect securely from any web browser with SSH Tunneling and port forwarding over HTTP and HTTPS. Thus removing the complexity of VPN etc, all communications are encrypted.

Web Credentials

Supports Single sign-on with dual-factor authentication for the portal to access the dashboard.

Connect From Multi-Devices

Applite has a built-in HTML5 client provides browser access to Windows applications and user desktops from all types of end-user devices, without having to install anything on the device (no plugin or app required).

Web Access

Applite has a built-in Http Web Server enabling you to connect from any HTML 5 enabled web browser on Linux Windows or Mac.

Active Directory Support

Allows administrators to easily control access to windows apps based on active directory user groups.Also works with local groups and users (workgroup).

Seamless & Remoteapp

Applite allows publishing of a single application for a given user. the application will be displayed on the local user desktop, not on a remote desktop standard session. It will look as if the application was installed and running on his computer.

Universal Printer

Applite universal printer enables you to print from any location, without having to install any specific printer driver.

Remote Desktop Access

Applite supports remote desktop (rds) connections, printer mapping, disk mapping, port com mapping, bi-directional sound, remotefx, and dual-screen.

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